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Jasmine Greene

Over a lifetime a girl's just gotta express her fire and Jasmine Greene comes at you with a gas can in one hand and a zippo in the other. She's most noted for her fearless transformation between songs and stylish execution. Inspired by the expressive vocalists in bands such as Queen, Harry Styles, Led Zeppelin, and David Bowie, Jasmine Greene lights up the stage magnetizing the crowd with her complete rhythm for anyone's shoes. Born in Washington, Greene is drenched in musical influence ranging from Nirvana to Jimmy Hendrix to Neko Case. Some current artists the band covers include Dua Lipa, Maroon 5, No Doubt, DNCE, and Rhianna. Studying music and dance she founded her artistic vitality as a child. Since then, her band's rendition of top songs over the last few decades brings in the dance crowd. Pop, Rock, Blues, and country are some flavors one can expect from this musically blooming Jasmine. A wealth of talent that includes; John Biondolillo on drums, Greg Stipkala on guitar, and Edward Stipkala on bass, complete the group which offers swanky grooves and a soul striking sound.

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